Blog Carnival – Four Stone Hearth – Anniversary Edition

Today we are celebrating the 1st anniversary of the archaeology and anthropology blog carnival, Four Stone Hearth. Ably hosted by Tim Jones at Remote Central, this 25th edition covers a vast spectrum of topics. Beginning with war and conflict, the entries then pass through to more birthday-related themes such as food and the all-important drink, via some significant archaeological finds. palaeoanthropology and a little linguistics.

Submissions that I found particularly intriguing were ‘Whoa, Neandertals were in Uzbekistan and Siberia‘ at, ‘ First Steps Toward Re-unification in Postwar Bosnia’s Only Integrated School‘ at Remote Central, and ‘The Phraselator II‘, which discusses how a high-tech military device is helping to preserve the tribal languages of American Indians. However, all are well worth a read so do take some time to do so. I believe you will find many to be very thought-provoking.

2 responses to “Blog Carnival – Four Stone Hearth – Anniversary Edition

  1. Archaeozoo – thanks a lot for your very good contributions, and also thanks for the mention – Tim

  2. You’re welcome. I enjoyed writing them, and I enjoyed reading what everyone else had written too.

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