Skeletons believed to be combatants from Battle of Aughrim in 1691

A cache of skeletons unearthed in a small Co Galway village could prove to be the first recorded victims of the 1691 Battle of Aughrim. The discovery has sparked interest from Orange Order officials keen to preserve evidence of the battle, which was a decisive event in the Williamite wars.

Archaeologist Michael Tierney, who was commissioned by the school to excavate the area during work to extend the premises, said the remains were laid east-west, according to Christian tradition, suggesting it was a formal burial.

“We have yet to confirm this but we believe these may have been battle victims – and, if so, the first recorded from the battle in 1691 between the forces of King James II and King William III which claimed 6,000 lives,” he said. “We knew we were within the battlefield site so there was always a chance we would find remains relating to the battle.”

Source: Belfast Telegraph

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